I am looking for partnership in this media project.It is now a private UK  Ltd Company Reg.12126090.

It has extensive hard assetts and also soft.Much Internet property of value and interest, including music studios & equipment. Accomodation  also.It is currently running  2 websites, 2 social media sites and linked to over 40 other Journals. It offers other services.

I have had over the last three years nealy 1 million landings to this page alone,It is a sound platform for business.

It has stayed afloat on a non-profit basis since 2004, and has done well to survive .It needs to pay for itself. To continue I need another partner and a little more investment.

primarily in its Media interests.

If any of my vistors see this as a possibillity for themselves, one or more ,please conatct me with any offer or suggestions



Please share Thank You

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